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The process of realising one’s dream home never really ends. There will always be another piece of furniture to add to your living room, or the desire to redesign a space in your garden. Unfortunately, the building process doesn’t always end after the ‘close out’ of a project. If your project is not managed efficiently, and if the building contractor took any shortcuts – it is likely that your building will require maintenance down the line. However, this can be avoided if the correct procedures are followed. That is why it is important for every client to understand the strategies for achieving maintenance-free buildings.

Maintanance Free building

 Achieving a Maintenance-free Home

Over countless years of trial, error, and technological development, we have come closer to achieving maintenance free buildings than ever before. The maintenance-free buildings we see today are largely the result of the development of commercial building materials. We have produced materials, and construction methods, that are less expensive, more durable, and just as aesthetically pleasing as traditional building materials and construction methods from before. Here are some efficient strategies that you can employ to achieve a maintenance-free dream home:

Roofing Maintenance

Every building needs a roof – and today’s materials allow architects to create beautiful roofscapes for residential buildings. Corrugated metal roofs used to represent cheap, easily manufactured architecture – but now, metal roofs have a highly desirable aesthetic which is both industrial and contemporary. Metal is also available in limitless colours and finishes. However, the real attraction to metal is that is as low-maintenance as it gets. Metal roofs are incredibly durable, highly wind-resistant, and when coated they are completely rust-free.

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Decking Maintenance

Today, most homes utilise outdoor decking to create social spaces outside the house. Traditional timber decking can be very expensive, and it requires frequent re-coating and oiling to avoid warping and discolouration. Timber is a beautiful building material, but there are far more efficient materials available which can drastically reduce maintenance down the line – without comprising authenticity. One of the most popular of these is “composite timber decking”. This material is a combination of wood and plastic – allowing for the feel of traditional timber, with the highly beneficial properties of plastic, such as resistance to insects, rot, stains, and warping. Composite Timber can also be used for exterior cladding, where it enhances the same respective attributes.

Windows Maintenance

Windows are an essential characteristic of any home – so it is important that they are efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. This may sound expensive, but there is a way to achieve all these qualities at an affordable cost. Once again, metal comes to the rescue. As opposed to traditional timber-frame windows, aluminium frames are also essentially maintenance free. If windows are constructed incorrectly, they can cause issues such as water damage – which become exceedingly difficult to fix. Aluminium windows are always a safe bet, as they are not only highly durable, but they have a clean aesthetic – and don’t require the frequent oiling, staining, and painting that timber frames do.

Manipulating Space

Flooring Maintenance

Designing the interior of any home requires stringent budgeting. Its all to easy to decide on surface finishes based on what looks the best – before realising that their total cost is entirely unaffordable. That is why it is always important to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of all your options before making a decision. Traditional flooring materials, such as timber or carpeting, can be very beautiful – but they require maintenance, and come at a sizable cost. That is why we consider alternatives such as vinyl flooring to be highly valuable. Vinyl flooring comes in many different colours and styles, and it is completely hassle-free. It is easy to clean and has a modern feel.

Other ways to maintain your home

Apart from these main strategies, there are other products to consider which may also reduce maintenance for your home. These products include ‘gutter guards’, artificial grass, automated irrigation systems, and sand-filter septic systems. These will certainly lessen the amount of maintenance your home requires, but they also have the potential to lessen its authenticity. As with anything – every choice has a consequence!


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