5 Must-See Cities For Architectural Enthusiasts

Yes, we know that we’re in the midst of a lockdown, but we can still dream about traveling the world and visiting the most stunning architectural cities, right?

Travelling for the love of architecture can be a truly mind-blowing and magical experience. Some travel for food, some travel for the weather, and drool-worthy urban design is definitely an agreeable reason to travel half way around the world.

Our team of professional Design Scape architects in Durban and Cape Town have come up with this bucket list of must-see cities for architectural enthusiasts.


Prague, also known as ‘The Heart of Europe’, is the capital of Czech Republic and is many architect lovers’ dream. This enchanting city is filled with architectural treasures from the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic eras. Unlike most other European cities, Prague was never rebuilt during the 19th century and still holds onto its old-world charm.

On top of all this old world charm is innovative, modern architecture that is truly artistic its own right, the most notable perhaps being ‘The Dancing House’.

Must-See Sites in Prague:

  • Powder Tower
  • St Nicholas Church
  • National Museum
  • Kinsky Palace
  • Municipal House
  • Dancing House


Barcelona’s architecture is made up of a variety of European influences but that it’s what makes it so unique. This patchwork of design is aesthetically appealing to say the least, and the curving and colourful work of the marvellous Antoni Gaudi can be seen throughout the city.

Must-See Sites in Barcelona:

  • La Sagrada familia
  • Casa Batlo
  • Park Guell
  • Gaudi House Museum


There is nothing subtle about the architecture in Dubai. It is all about pushing the limits of architecture and expanding the horizons of technology and innovation. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building as well as a number of other enormous and artistic structures.

Must-See Sites in Dubai:

  • Buri Al Arab
  • Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Palm Jumeirah (Palm Island)
  • Emirates Towers


If you’re into the adorable colours and decorative facades of art deco, Miami is the destination for you! Their Artc Deco Historic District is home to the largest amount of art deco buildings from the 20s and 30s in the world. All in a warm and friendly beach setting, amongst many art-deco inspired modern gems, Miami truly is a worthy destination.

Must-See Sites in Miami:

  • 11th Street Diner
  • Villa Casa Casuarina
  • Lincoln Theatre
  • Colony Hotel
  • Beach Front


Istanbul is truly a marriage of both East and West, and old and new. This enigmatic city is also a host to a melting pot of different cultures, making it a true architectural delight. With influences from places as diverse as Egypt, Rome and Asia, it’s amazing that this city looks as cohesive and iconic as it does.

Must-See Sites in Istanbul:

  • Blue Mosque
  • Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Topkapi Palace


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