Underground Houses Are Being Popularised In Case Of A New Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc, it truly feels as if we are living in apocalyptic times. Entire industries are being demolished, restructured and revolutionised. The architectural industry has seen many integral changes, and firms have had to use innovation and creativity to keep up with these ever-changing times.

As a leading architectural firm in South Africa, one of the emerging international architectural trends that we have noticed is the rise in popularity of underground homes.

Bunkers and underground houses may have once been ridiculed and reserved for ‘doomsday nuts’, but are now looked to as an ideal in a world that has gone quite mad. Many people believe that the current social and medical climate has left us vulnerable to new pandemics, possibly worse than COVID-19.

Underground bunkers

Underground House Plan B

Inspired by the ominous events of 2020, Kyiv-based studio Sergey Makhno Architects have designed a conceptual underground bunker with the modern times in mind.

Instead of creating an industrial bunker straight out of a war movie, the studio visualised a cosy and homey bunker that is liveable and enjoyable. The rendering is set deep in the Ukranian forest that has a helipad for easy evacuation of course.

Underground House Plan B is just one of many apocalyptic-themed concepts that we are seeing from architects from all around the world.

The Super Rich Get The Bunkers Of Their Dreams

Bunkers and underground homes do not come cheap. From our research we have gathered that xPoint, in South Dakota USA, has bunkers that have a starting price of $35,000, with $1000 a year in fees. This seems to be one of the cheapest options, with bunkers in Kanas extending to over $3 million.

This is definitely not a luxury that the average person can afford.

Looking a little closer to home, South Africa has their fair share of Doomsday preppers. There is even a Facebook group that currently has over 800 members. Discussions on doomsday preparations take place almost daily.

While S.A has yet to see a flurry of bunkers and underground homes being built, more and more homes are going towards the natural energy route for their homes in an effort to get off the grid.

The current climate is adding all sorts of factors of consideration when it comes to architecture and design. Perhaps the future of architecture will be underground? Who knows? For now, we will just try to keep up and provide the most innovative architectural solutions in these tumultuous times.


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