Top Architects in Cape Town Talk Design Trends

It’s important for architects and interior designers to always be on top of – or ahead of – trends when styling one’s home. So, who sets the trends that people want to follow in their homes? Well, it’s often the people pushing the boundaries, upsetting the status quo and coming up with bold, new ideas of how we live our lives. Top architects in Cape Town discuss which trends caught their eyes in 2019 so far.

Creative Cacti

Yes, you read that correctly. Cacti are not just for decoration anymore. Create spaces in your home solely dedicated to providing greenery, nature, and a little extra oxygen. Using pebble stones and a variety of cacti, you can create a peaceful yet artistic space for morning coffee moments, reading a book or yoga.

Splashes of Yellow

Yellow has often, in the past, received the cold shoulder from interior designers. However, those rule-breakers we mentioned above are making sure yellow is getting the comeback we never knew it needed. Use yellow in a statement chair, a lampshade, or a gigantic pot with banana leaves in the corner. The colour exudes confidence, brightness and brings life into an industry that has heavily prioritised minimalism and nude tones in recent years.

modern kitchen

Geometric Shapes

In mirrors, in art, in shelving, in prints – geometric shapes are IN. If you have a wall in your bedroom or living room, add a geometrically-shaped mirror or hexagon-shaped shelving. Then, add candles, books, plants to add personality and to fill the space. Mirrors also add light and space within a room, so choosing a geometrically-shaped mirror is a double whammy.

Industrial Feels

Think concrete, open ceilings, cement flooring, earthy tones, stainless steel seating, black granite and open planning. One may think these tones and textures would add a sense of coldness to a home. However, if it is paired with soft, luxurious furniture as well as greenery and pops of colour, then the industrial feel can work well.

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