Innovative Space Saving And Storage Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Innovative Space Saving And Storage Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Because of the ever-skyrocketing property prices and the increase in many families and individuals looking to downscale their living spaces and simplify their lives, the tiny house movement has exploded in popularity. This has led to many people making do and even thriving in spaces that may once be thought of as impossible to live in.

Small space living does pose many challenges, and the biggest challenge is most probably storage. As humans, we tend to accumulate heaps of stuff and finding a way to organise this stuff in a way that is practical and aesthetically pleasing is often harder than you think.

] Innovative Space Saving And Storage Ideas For Small Living Spaces

As professional interior designers, we share with you a few innovative space saving ideas for small living spaces.

Fold-Down Desk

In tiny rooms space is precious… and you may be agonizing over whether it’s worth to use crucial floor space for a desk or not. A great compromise would be to get a fold-down desk that you could use when you need it, and simply fold it away when you want more space in the room.

Kitchen Island with Storage Space

Use the kitchen space you have to your advantage by getting a kitchen island that offers storage space. If you’re in a single room apartment this may also help separate the kitchen space from the living space, and the underneath storage will give you a convenient place to store those kitchen items and gadgets that you just don’t know where to put.

Multipurpose Furniture

In a small space, furniture that doesn’t serve a dual purpose is a waste of space. Your bed could be turned into a couch, a dining room table could be used as a desk, a kitchen island could be used as a dining space etc. Get creative when planning the layout and choosing functional pieces for your small living space.

Raised Platform

If you have high enough ceilings, consider raising your bed, or even part of a room so that you can enjoy stashing larger items underneath this platform, and have these items conveniently out of site.

Baskets and Crates

The storage uses for baskets and crates are endless. There are some very appealing ones out there that are great for if crates need to be stored in sight. Baskets are wonderful for storing things on top of bookshelves or other shelving.


Keep clutter to the minimum by having wall hooks for hanging towels and coats. Attach them on the back of your door and at your entrance way.

The Importance Of Good Design

The best way to make the most of the space you have available to you is to ensure that you’ve made use of good design. A professional interior designer can help you elevate your lifestyle within a small space.


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