The Rise of Sustainability in Interior Design

The impact that our individual choices have on the environment and our communities has definitely become a popular point of discussion and consideration over the past few years. Design industries, especially fashion and interior design, have undergone a sustainable revolution, and there is a far greater focus on where textiles are sourced and a greater inclination to purchase ethical products.

The Negative Impact Of ‘Unconscious’ Interior Design

When interior designers purchase ‘unethical’ products and textiles for their interior design projects, it has a negative effect on the environment and their direct communities.

Buying cheap, unrecyclable pieces means that these pieces will often land up in landfills eventually and add to the unmanageable waste problem that we are already experiencing.

By buying textiles that were made in sweat shops, factories that produce enormous amounts of waste and emissions, or were created in unsafe working environments, the designer shows their support to these unethical industries instead of supporting local craftsmen and small businesses.

The problem of unconscious design goes much deeper than what we have discussed and has many knock-on effects on surrounding and supporting industries.

We believe that it is the responsibility of an interior designer to do thorough research into where they source their products, attempt to source as many products as possible from local traders and to strive to be as eco-conscious as possible.


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Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends

Because of the rise of sustainable interior design, we have seen many new eco-friendly design trends becoming popular, some of our favourite trends include:

  • Collaborating with local artists
  • Upcycling pieces
  • Buying pieces second-hand
  • The use of natural and recyclable materials
  • Minimalism

No matter what your design aesthetic is, the above trends can easily be incorporated into your design project. While some ethical options may cost more than unethical ones, they should last longer and you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your design supports the environment and your community.

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Speak About Sustainability With Your Interior Designer

If you are concerned about the textiles, materials and products that your interior designer is using in your interior design project, it is important to speak to them about it. A good interior designer will have no problem being transparent about their sources and be happy to go in a more eco-friendly direction to suit your needs.

At Design Scape Architects, we understand the negative impact that unhealthy design practices can have on the environment and the community. We take pride in supporting local craftsmen and traders, as well as finding sustainable solutions to your design needs.


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