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architectural trends for 2019

Four Architectural Trends For 2019

Trends in architecture and interior design evolve just as much as trends in fashion and lifestyle. So, what should homeowners be looking toward of late? Design Scape lists the four architectural trends of 2019 that architects have taken to in recent months. Hidden technology In 2019, you may see a lot of homes choosing to hide their flat screen TVs in smart, aesthetically-pleasing ways. Living rooms or entertainment areas have often centered around the TV, however, how people structure their homes is changing thanks to the innovative ways to display or "hide" your TV. The room can go from a relaxed environment built for movie nights with friends to a sophisticated space for tea time. On a side note, building your tech inside the walls of your home also means no annoying or hazardous wires lying around! Sustainability In 2019, there's no excuse not to be thinking more consciously about the environment when building...

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