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Five Famous Buildings And What They’re Known For

How does an architect decide that they want to become an architect? It most likely originates from a love for famous buildings, architectural wonders, majestic masterpieces that have been able to move people since inception. There are many famous buildings - some we recognise from the movies and some from seeing them in person. Design Scape Architects lays out some of their favourite buildings and some interesting facts. The Empire State Building If you can't put your finger on what the Empire State Building is then you've been living under a rock. In fact, the building is so popular, it has become a large part of TV, music and film pop culture. Remember that scene in King Kong with Naomi Watts where Kong climbs to the top of that tall building? Yes, that's the one. Created by John J. Raskob and former Governor Al Smith, they wanted to create the tallest building...

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Architect

Building projects come in various shapes and sizes, yet they all have one thing in common: You will need to hire an architect. Whether its a home, office development, high-rise building or a shopping centre, each job has challenges that can be frightening. That's where architects come in to guide you. Below are the top five reasons to hire an architect to help you on your journey: #1: Architects are Artists Being an artist comes with the job. Architects are creative and passionate about design. Moving that creative energy into a functional building is what architects do best. There may be unflattering buildings, but a closer look could show the architects’ involvement started and ended at the signature. If you want your dream home, or have the smartest office in town, then you should hire an architect. #2: Architects are Practical This may seem like a contradiction to the first point, but it is...

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