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How to Get the Most out of an Architect

The Sooner the Better Getting an architect on-board as soon as possible is the single best investment you could make. Talk to an architect before you buy a site or write up a brief. If you have a site in mind, show it to an architect and ask them what they think. Architects' know what to look out for and will tell you if your vision is even possible on your preferred site. An architects' experience can save you hours of research, as they can prepare a simple feasibility study that will show you the risks as well as the opportunities that you otherwise may miss. Get an Architect to Write Your Brief No matter the type of project you’re looking to do, conversing with an architect about your ideas, vision and spatial requirements are will help you clarify it in your own mind. Architects' know the right questions to ask that will unearth...

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Five Ways To Save On Space In A Studio Apartment

Less is more, right? Well, that seems to be the definitive reasoning behind a global trend that sees simple living as the way to go. One way people are doing this is by choosing to live in smaller, less extravagant spaces like open-plan studio apartments where your living room, kitchen and bedroom are easily compacted into one or two rooms. If you find yourself choosing the "less is more" lifestyle, use our space-saving tips for studio apartments to make every inch of your home a functional yet stylish asset. Your Couch Could Be Your Bed When you think of a sleeper couch, visions of third-year varsity students crammed into a one bedroom apartment attempting to make use of every inch of their overly priced digs may come to mind. Don't let it. Sleeper couches have come a long way since those days and have become a contemporary staple in interior design in...

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Architect

Building projects come in various shapes and sizes, yet they all have one thing in common: You will need to hire an architect. Whether its a home, office development, high-rise building or a shopping centre, each job has challenges that can be frightening. That's where architects come in to guide you. Below are the top five reasons to hire an architect to help you on your journey: Architects are Artists Being an artist comes with the job. Architects are creative and passionate about design. Moving that creative energy into a functional building is what architects do best. There may be unflattering buildings, but a closer look could show the architects’ involvement started and ended at the signature. If you want your dream home, or have the smartest office in town, then you should hire an architect. Architects are Practical This may seem like a contradiction to the  first point, but it is true and...

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