Paarl Community Day Clinic

Project Summary

The new Paarl CDC will consolidate the services of the existing Mbekweni CDC, Phola Park Clinic and Dalevale Clinic into a new CDC within the new residential development area between Mbekweni and Dalevale.  This project entails the design and construction of a new Community Day Centre including all necessary site improvements and utility services. The building has been designed in accordance with the schedule as provided by the Department of Health, the scope of the project includes the followng:

Non-Clinical & Support

·       Entrance and Waiting Areas
·       General
·       Reception and Records
·       Administration
·       Staff Facilities
·       External services Area
·       Site Works

Clinical Facilities

·       Chronic Care Unit and Acute Treatment Area
·       Support Care
·       Family Care
·       Rehabilitation Unit/ Therapy
·       Dentist
·       Pharmacy

The site is bounded by tarred roads on 3 of the sides and a common boundary on one of the sides. Further to this there is an electrical sub station on the southern corner of the side which disrupts the rectangular shape of the site. There is a prescribed vehicle and pedestrian access to the North East boundary of the site directly in line with an existing road. In addition to this there is a 10m fall over the
site. From this access point the site is then organised with public parking at the top of the site, the main building in the middle of the site and then staff parking at the bottom of the site. There is also a separate building on the Northern corner of the site that accommodates the external service rooms.  It was a requirement of the client that the visitor parking area be on the same level as the level of the main building, to accommodate this there is a retaining wall on part of the North East boundary of the site. The main building is then organised via 3 main barn forms that run down the site these are connected to one another with a system if courtyards and sheeting flat roof structures.


June 2, 2020


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Project Type

Architecture Design


Paarl, Cape Town