Eco Park

Project Summary

Awareness of the Earth’s environmental challenges has become universal and critical, and we are seeing a global demand for countries to adhere to a sustainable agenda. Sustainability is at the forefront of the South African Government’s Green Economy agenda. This is underpinned by a variety of grants, policies and incentives. 

The Eco Park concept aimed to contribute towards South Africa’s transition into a Green Economy by creating a unique platform for people and businesses to come together and work in a sustainable environment. 


The sustainable benefits of investing in renewable energy is well documented, with a growing demand for renewable energy products and services. Eco Parks will form some of South Africa’s first environmentally-friendly business parks, centrally integrated into all major urban centres around South Africa. They will bring together cutting edge design principles to create a smart environment in which people can enjoy living and working.

A series of intelligent precincts  will be set  around village squares. 

These various precincts will be connected by indigenous landscaping, with pathways and boulevards themed to enhance the work experience. Each of these areas will be focused on a certain type of usage that ties into the overall ethos of the Eco Park. Open spaces, large double-volume interiors, open plan offices and transparent glass facades will make the buildings light and airy, and enhance the feeling of working in nature. A variety of shared facilities will be incorporated into the master plan to provide the perfect balance between work and play, setting a new precedent in sustainable development.


January 16, 2019


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False Bay, Cape Town