Project Summary

“The transformation of this building from offices to a gallery has transformed the building into a public gallery for people to appreciate with the art that it exhibits.” 

Ulundi was originally constructed as a residence for the Chief Resident Engineer in 1889 as part of a development on Portswood Bridge in the Harbour that took place from circa 1860 onwards. It is a double storey five-bay fronted verandah house of dressed bluestone construction with granite quoins. There is a fine timber verandah on the North East façade. 

In 1990 the former residence was converted into offices, the Everard Read Gallery then took the building over with the view of converting the building into a gallery called Circa to add to their existing gallery located in the same precinct. The transformation of the building into a gallery was achieved by removing internal walls that opened up the spaces, these spaces then, in combination with the existing fabric produced the desired gallery, the external entrance courtyard was covered to create an internal sculpture entrance courtyard. Stone that was removed from the internal walls to open up the spaces was reused to create an external wall to formalise an existing courtyard to the North and Sculpture garden to the North East.


October 12, 2018

Project Type

Architecture and Interior Design