Local Architects Share how to add Texture to Your Home

Design Scape Architects chatted to local architects about what homeowners can do to add texture into their homes. Take a look at these useful tips.

Start with the Basics

One of the easiest ways to add texture to your home is to start with your living area, and more specifically, your couch. This is the area you may most likely spend a lot of time cuddling up, hosting movie nights or simply reading a good book. So why not add the warmth and personality that texture provides to this spectacular space? Start with knitted throws and blankets, fluffy scatter cushions and a textured lamp shade.

local architects add texture

Work on Layering Your Bed

There’s nothing better than jumping into a cushiony bed that’ll cloth you in layers of warmth. Choose your colour scheme (perhaps white, charcoal grey and light beige?) and then go wild with layering. The more pillows the better! Then, move onto your duvet cover and bed-end throws. Choose cotton for your duvet and then another contrasting material for your throw. Wool, faux fur or velvet would work wonders!

There’s Nothing like a Statement Carpet or Rug

This applies to the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or lounge. It works anywhere. There are many kinds of textured carpets or rugs, from Persian to faux fur to water hyacinth to jute.

Don’t Forget about Your Walls

Believe it or not, art brings a lot of texture to a room, especially if they are finger paintings or oil paintings. The kind of paint used makes all of the difference. There are many artists that use their finger to paint which often leads to their admirers standing oh-so-close to the work of art to appreciate the unique strokes.

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