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Innovative Interior Design

At Design Scape Architects, we are proud to employ a talented team of Interior designers in Cape Town and Durban. We have interior designers in both Durban and Cape Town that are able to completely transform interior spaces with their innovative thinking, experience in design, and flair for style. Our designers focus on creating aesthetic appeal, while still using the space you have to offer in a way that is practical and highly functional.

An optimised, cohesive and appealing room is just not easy on the eyes, it can truly elevate your general mood, help you think clearer and improve your work ethic.

Servicing Both

Residential And Commercial Sectors

Our expert interior designers specialise in both the commercial and residential sectors in both Durban and Cape Town. Our designers understand that homes and businesses have very different needs when it comes to interior design. The purpose of the room, the people that use it, and the client’s style are all taken into consideration when it comes to creating a custom design for a home or office space.

Whatever your interior design needs may be, we have an expert that can completely transform your space. You may not even recognise it once we’re done!

Luxury, Style & Sustainability

At Design Scape, we focus on providing interior design services that will remain relevant for years to come. We incorporate trends, but with a level of taste and classic appeal so that these elements never go out of style. We aim to give your space a luxurious and classic look, no matter if you’re going for a traditional, modern, minimalistic or bohemian look.

Sustainability is something that is very important to us and we aim to source our décor pieces and textiles from local traders and designers.  We know that the design industry can take a heavy toll on the earth, and we aim to do as little harm as possible.

Looking at bringing effortless style into your home or business premises with the help of professionals? Our expert interior design services in Cape Town and Durban can assist in completely transforming your surroundings. Feel free to call us today on 031 566 1221 or via email to info@dscape.co.za