Four Interior Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

When you think of renovation, the sounds of hammering and the frustration of budgets may come to mind. However, renovation doesn’t always have to mean construction. In fact, put down the nail gun and look at these four simple interior design ideas for your bathroom.

Set the mood with wallpaper and vinyl flooring

If you’d like to add warmth to your bathroom, vinyl flooring that imitates earthy wood is just the trick. It’s easy to install, cheaper than real wood and little changes need to be made to your bathroom for installation. Did we mention its also environmentally friendly? Wallpaper has the same effect on your bathroom. Choose a pattern and tone that suits your personality as well as the atmosphere you want to create. Wallpaper is inexpensive and can actually be installed without any professionals.

Select a two-tone colour theme for your towels

Some people prefer to add their “pop of colour” via their towels in the bathroom, but sticking to two tones – white and grey, for example – will give your space that tranquil, “hotel” feel. Fold and stack them on a chair or in a small basket or hang them on a towel ladder for a loftier feel.

Add greenery

Nature cures everything. So, why not bring that peace into your bathroom while having a hot bubble bath? Adding white pot plants with banana leaf plants or palm trees adds colour, personality and a touch of modernity. Ensure your plant has plenty of sunlight, air and water it once a week – which shouldn’t be difficult since it lives in a bathroom!

Place geometrically-shaped mirrors on the walls

Mirrors are known to add length and depth to any space, so why not add that same effect into your bathroom? If you’re dealing with a small space, mirrors are the easiest and smartest way to give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger. Some people go as far as to add full-length mirrors onto the walls so that the entire space seems doubled up!


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