Feng Shui In Modern Interior Design

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is built upon the belief that everything has energy, even inanimate objects. Feng Shui aims to create harmony, align your environment, and create positive energy flow throughout your home through the purposeful placement of furniture and certain objects.

While Feng Shui has been respected and used in the East for centuries, the art form received massive support and popularity by Western pop culture in the 80s. Because of the huge Feng Shui trend of the 80s, Feng Shui may seem somewhat outdated today. But many interior designers and architects still consistently use concepts of Feng Shui in their work to ensure a cohesive flow of energy.

feng shui interior design

It should be understood that Feng Shui is a complex art, filled with in-depth elements that can take years of study to truly comprehend, but some of Feng Shui’s most popular principles used in modern interior design include:

Matching Pairs

Feng Shui approves of matching pairs in symmetrical formations. Whether that come in the form of two matching light fixtures on either side of the room, or matching chairs sitting opposite each other in a reading nook. If you want to actively incorporate Feng Shui in your home, you should try avoid singular objects, especially single seats in corners.

Use of Curves

While many art pieces and furniture may be angular, adding curved décor items such as round mirrors and curvy vases are seen as good Feng Shui practices. This is because curved items are better for the flow of energy, and adding a few curved pieces to a room can truly transform it for the better.

Colour Conscious

Colour is extremely important in Feng Shui and it would take a long time to go through all the colours and their meanings. Red is seen as very dramatic, and is said to inspire courage, and attract success and money. Purple and green are both very popular in Feng Shui, and are said to bring well-being into a home.

Good Feng Shui design appreciates soft, light colours with pops of bold, vibrant colours here and there.

The Importance Of Water

Water is a highly respected element in Feng Shui, with the word Feng Shui literally translating to mean ‘wind water’. This means that all taps and fixtures should be in good condition, and extra care should be given to bathroom design. Outdoor water fixtures are also always encouraged in any home.


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