Durban Architecture Firms List SA’s Top Trends

Durban architecture firms are some of the leading whistleblowers within South African architecture. In fact, in 2017 and 2018, the only province that experienced growth in the property development market was KZN. Durban architecture firms discuss the trends that companies should be taking into consideration when taking on a new client…


Climate change is too much of a contender to deal with to be ignored. One of the most important aspects of architecture is finding ways to be eco-friendly. Firms have to consider reducing waste, using renewable resources and energy, as well as maximising building efficiency. It all comes down to the initial stages of planning and taking the time to consider architecture not just for the present, but for the future.


There is no setting of trends without technology. The two go hand-in-hand! Using wireless sensors, virtual reality, 3D design, headsets and digital graphics, architects are able to create incredible experiences for people in their homes, offices and public spaces. This technology can even be used during the planning stages so that clients have a better vision of the end result.

Vertical Design

Firms are seeing major cities grow upwards instead of outwards in order to contend with overpopulation. In other words, buildings are getting taller and taller. Another industry leaning toward the vertical is agriculture in order to lessen the damage on the land. Crops are being grown upward in a unique, forward-thinking way in many first-world and developing nations. City planners are also finding ways to incorporate greenery into concrete spaces. For example, highways and bridges and tunnels are being covered with plants and flowers.

Connected Spaces

In 2019, it is almost impossible to get away from the internet or some form of WiFi, 4G, fibre, Bluetooth… we think you get the point. Architecture firms are having to keep with this too. Many clients want “smart homes” where everything from the temperature of the room to the sound level of the TV is connected and controlled by one device.

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