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At Design Scape Architects ,we pride ourselves in being one of the leading architectural firm team in Durban. We work closely alongside our clients to ensure that their projects are brought to life with innovation and efficiency.

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Design Scape, the leading local architects in Durban. We are an architectural design company that works alongside clients to deliver smart, sustainable solutions to a range of projects.

We remain conscious of South Africa’s heritage, and are always aware of what the future of architecture and design in South Africa may hold. We aim to bring all of our clients, carefully curated, sustainable solutions.

Additionally, we have an expert team of architects and interior designers in Cape Town, and between these two teams, we are able to manage major nationwide projects.


Our Architects & Interior Designers in Durban

Our team has been handpicked for their knowledge, skills, and qualifications, as well as their differences in backgrounds, cultural influences and personal histories. This way we have created a hive of diverse perspectives and viewpoints, which brings immense value to our architectural projects in Durban

Our Approach

We treat each and every customer as the individual that they are, and aim to meet their individual needs through innovative thinking and expert design. Our diverse team have a broad range of skills, and their accumulative knowledge adds value to any project that we work on.  As a leading design and architecture firm in Durban, we incorporate sustainability, forward thinking and modern design into everything that we do.

Architects Durban Team

Meet the talented and innovative minds behind our interior design and architectural projects