A Modern Architect’s Tools Of The Trade

While architects of the past may have held their protractors, compasses and sharpened pencils dear to their hearts, the modern architect works with tools that are a little more cutting edge. A successful architect needs to be able to adapt with the times and make use of tools and software that will allow them to do their job most effectively.

At Design Scape Architects, we make use of an array of innovative architect tools and technologies, including:

Building Information Modelling

Building information modelling is the latest technology used in the construction industry. It automatically tracks the design and documentation process of a project, ensuring that deadlines are met and the project progresses according to schedule.

BIM has become the standard in many architectural offices, including ours. There are two major packages popularly used in South Africa, including:

  • ArchiCAD (Durban office) – We use ArchiCAD at our Durban office and we are very impressed with this computer aided design package that allows 3D modelling, intelligent building information documentation. It is truly a primary tool for designing and developing buildings.
  • Revit – Revit has many of the same qualities and advantages of ArchiCAD, and is used by our team in our Cape Town offices.

3D Rendering 

3D rendering software has been widely used by architects all over the world, as it allows 2D sketches to easily be turned into 3D renderings. The software that we use at both our Cape Town and Durban offices is called Lumion, and we have been very impressed with this high quality software which offers real-time rendering and previewing of photo-realistic 3D images of buildings.

Other notable 3D rendering software that is often used by architects includes Twin Motion, Unreal Engine and Artlantis

Tablet/ iPad

Tablets and iPads are truly an architect’s best friend. Unlike a laptop, they are small and lightweight, making them perfect for taking to and from the office. The use of a stylus or an Apple pencil allows for intricate sketching that can immediately be shared and sent to co-workers and clients. Tablets and styluses have essentially replaced traditional pen and paper.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality technology has become increasingly popular over the past few years as it provides innovative solutions to a variety of industries and professions, including architects. VR tech allows for the design and exploration of a virtual building in real time. This technology provides us with the opportunity to bring our designs to life in an immersive environment, allowing our clients to truly feel the possibilities of a building design, rather than just view a 2D or 3D rendering. For more on virtual reality, have a look at our blog post dedicated to the subject.

We believe that architects around the world will benefit immensely from the ever progressive virtual reality software.


 For more information about our innovative architectural services and on how we can assist you, get in touch with our team of professional architects and interior designers in Durban and Cape Town on 031 566 1221 or via email: info@dscape.co.za

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